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How to read serial number?


I have a 6120, Chet Atkins. The serial number can be read 2 ways. The 4 digit number is aligned vertically on the back of the headstock. It can be read 9688 or 8896. See photo. Can anyone tell me which is correct?


It's 9688; September (9) 1966 (6), 88th guitar made that month. Fell free to post more pics; one per post and add some text.


Yes... lx has it covered. The giveaway is that by '68 there would have been "Made in the USA" stamped next to the number.


Hey Ed is it safe to assume that if this was a left handed guitar the serial would be 8896 (and thus have the “made in US” stamp)? I’d assume the # would be applied to be read while in playing position.

Not trying to imply that’s the case here, just curious given Gretsch’s history of, shall we say, being a little different and me not knowing if the serials were stamped prior to the neck being glued to a body.


Ha... I doubt they put that much thought into it.

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