Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Hey happy new year from sonny havent been around as been too busy …


Hey guys Wishing you all a happy New Year… Haven’t been around much the last year as I’ve been busy playing my collection… Anybody that knows me knows I’ve been playing vintage since the early 80s.. When I started playing with it was his original band then go through the music industry last year persuaded again powerbrokers of California to go out playing my own brand of wild rock ‘n’ roll original music played from the heart it’s been a blast and we will be doing a bit more next year now ..all started way back playing with it Elvis original band members .. The Jordanaires iScotty Moore DJ Fontana et cetera and most of the Original artist from the vintage era golden era then went through the music industry Working with popstars of the day writing and performing music on TV… This year persuaded again to get to my roots by wild records of California to go out playing my own brand rock ‘n’ roll .. my original music I love and played from the heart’s been a blast and will be doing a bit more next year now ! If you want to catch up more and looking at my collection of guitars and listening to my music I’m very active on my Sonny West Facebook page come look me up and say hi I am maxed out on my friends private message me and I will make space I’m wishing you happy holidays and now going to post you a some Real deal vintage gretsch’s I’ve been loving and collecting and playing round the world the last 30 years also long live rock ‘n’ roll and long live gretsch Guitars guitars., Sonny


Hey Sonny. Glad u r back out there. Was nice meeting you in France last spring


Happy New Year Sonny!


hey Sonny ! glad to see ya around these parts. sounds like you've been pretty busy, in a good way.

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