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Heritage Auction time


Lots of cool stuff goes thru there. Latest mailing shows last time someone shelled out $9400 for a real clean '57 6120. Some fool shelled out 50K for a clean 1960 lefty Strat in Olympic White. and 20K for some kinda EVH-lookin' thang. Also Broadcaster #53 (owned by long-gone area guitarist Danny Gatton -- there are pix) is on the next auction coming up.


Heritage Auctions is where I found my 6120N a few years ago.


I lost out on a couple of R9 Les Pauls at a Heritage Auction a couple of months ago. Still had stickers on the pick guards. I bid low since I wasn't that interested, but they went not too far above my bids and below what they would have gone for on eBay or Reverb even with the fat premium Heritage adds on top. So worth registering just in case.


Sometimes deals are had!

I wonder if any of the most deceiving of the Chinese fakes ever get sold (unknowingly) thru sites like this.

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