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Help in Identifying Vintage Gretsch Guitar Case


Hey everyone, I'm looking for some help in identifying this vintage Gretsch Case. It is hard case with a brown pebble grain finish and black leather edges around the top. It has the Gretsch logo on brass plate on the side. The interior is not plush, but a thin purple felt. It also is on the small side, as a Les Paul barely fit. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.


Here is another photo of the interior:


And a view from the top:


There are a number of similarities between Frack's case and my '67 Nashville case. I think what he has is from the Baldwin era, perhaps the early part. Here's a pic.


I think the brown/purple covering came after silver.

At first I thought the 6070 bass because of the weird headstock.. but those are quite large. Astro Jet?

Other one is much more conventional.

If you measure the widest part that will narrow it down for each. That first one just looks wider than a Les Paul but you have tried it.


My 16" Nashville fits exactly in the case. Frack's looks like it'd fit a Jet.


The brown one is from the `70's. The Gray is from the Sixties! I had a gray one just like yours that I got for xmas in 1969.


DaveH and DCBirdman - thanks for the quick responses. I can't find any images of this type of case online.


I think that is an early 70s Rock Jet or Country Jet case.


Joe Desperado, Yes, I think you are dead on. I searched Roc-Jet and found the identical case. I think this mystery is solved!


One more.

– DaveH

The case pictured was made by Ess&Ess case company in the heart of little old downtown Brooklyn, within spitting distance of the Gretsch factory at 60 Broadway. Ess&Ess made cases also for Guild and the case pictured is the lower priced hardshell at the time. The more expensive hardshell made by Ess&Ess at the time was the black shot thru with silver threads most common on 60's Country Gents and the other higher priced models


Here is another photo of the interior:

– Frack

Pretty sure this is an AstroJet case. It may also be a later version that was repurposed for a Boonesville Gretsch guitar.

Edit: Nope. The AJ case tapered a bit to the top and was usually silver. Have we ever seen a Boonesville Penguin?


But does anyone know about when did the brown/maroon replaced the silver covering ?

Maybe after Astro Jets ended (1968??)


Back in 1988 when i bought my 60's 6120 ,there was a mid 70's sunburst Annie ,block inlay model ,with a brown/maroon case in the shop too,so sometime during the 70's i'd say.


Just wanted to share this image of a 71 Roc Jet I found after all the help I received from this forum. I really appreciate everyone's input, but I think this image solves this mystery case. Thanks again everyone!


It was for something with a really huge headstock! Maybe a 12 string!


If you ever feel like selling that case let me know as I have a 70s Roc Jet without one...

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