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Help identifying this - ‘57 6120?


Driving back to North London late at night after gigs I go past this: The colour & shape make me think it is a '57 6120 on fire but then it is dark I don't like to take my eyes off the road for too long. Anyone know?


It's a Brian Setzer Hot Rod.

V-cut Bigsby, no knobs on the lower bout, and a name plate on the headstock. A Hot Rod is the only guitar I know that fits these specs.

And judging by the misplaced pup selector, I'd say it was post '03. 8-)


Excellent. Thank you Deke.


I played that venue on the last day before the smoking ban came into force. Everyone was smoking like mad & it was well hazy, I even stole an ashtray :| Will God forgive me?

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