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Help dating/model Pre-War Gretsch archtop


Can anyone assist dating and possible which model my Gretsch is? The serial number is supposed to be written in pencil inside the body but I cannot see anything there. I did see one pic on the web and it looks like it may be a 1941/1942??



That headstock logo is considered as being the late, stylized version of the American Orchestra model 50. Yes... '41/42 as it probably has the f-holes that are wider at the bottom than they are the top. Your serial number should be stamped into the tip of the headstock. Let us know... I'm thinking it will fall in the 7xxx range.


I'd probably ask it out for coffee first ...


Thanks kc_eddie_b and Drmilktruck!! There is nothing stamped on the headstock. According to what I found pre-WWii it's supposed to be written in pencil inside the body but I can't see anything. Here is a poor picture of the body.


I'm in the same boat. I can't find a serial number anywhere.


Lollydog... I added some perspective on your guitar in the database entry you submitted.


The first or second Baltimore round up had that headstock used on it's T-Shirt.

Not a fan of the guitar other wise, but that's got to be one of my top 5 headstock emblems of all time.

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