Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Groovy ‘64 6120 w/F-Holes



Double-cuts with real f-holes was always such a great idea and this is such positive proof. No wonder Duane made his bass 6120 with this design. What do you get for a kidney these days?


Sure looks to be in great shape. Love the open f-holes, factory or not.


More evidence to support my belief that when you asked Gretsch for open f-holes, you got the big ones, and Gents/6120s/Tennies with open small holes were hogged out by later owners, no matter how vociferously the current peddler insists them to be "factory."

And this 6120 is not the only of its kind. Here's a kid playing another example circa 1965:


I agree completely -- including that flamey single-cut Gent with the badly done small f-hole binding that is selling for too much. But, there was a very interesting double-cut 6120 with 2 1/4" thickness and missing the binding near the neck connecting top to bottom. Given those anomalies, open small bound f-holes could be factory.

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