Vintage Gretsch Guitars



Most folks have never heard of Rex. I'm pretty sure all their stuff was re-branded and it was, for a time, Gretsch's budget line. Honestly...I bought the guitar without even thinking about the fact that I was making a set. I think the amp is from '47 and was likely paired with a lap steel. The guitar is a '55 (probably made by Kay...but it is very similar in construction to a Harmony Stratotone (neck-through) and I've been gigging it regularly. It sounds amazing.


The Rex brand was certainly marketed by Gretsch, but I'm not sure I've ever seen any evidence that those guitars were manufactured by them.


Here's a spread from the Gretsch 1939 catalog... the hardcover catalog that retail stores used. Lots of Rex models.


Here's another spread from the same '39 catalog, also featuring Rex branded models. This catalog also featured National brand resonator guitars.


I don't think Rex even made Rex! The amp appears to be a Magnatone, but is a Rex Royal, from Gretsch. A lot of people were jumping on the bandwagon during those instrument boom years.

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