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Gretsch with a Gibson neck and Gibson tremelo


Does anyone know anything about a Gretsch hollow body with a Gibson Neck and Gibson Tremelo?


So it's not a gretsch then?

– salvatorejrm

100% correct! And it's not even a well-done fake.


Do we have a term for these? Chretsch?


Bad bad ugly bad wrong wrong wrong. Wrong body shape, f-holes, bridge, pickups and surrounds, tailpiece, tuners, trussrod cover, fret markers, switch and knobs. That much we can see.

Materials, internal body construction and wiring are surely just as wrong.

Logo on headstock might fool someone from a distance - if it didn't have whatever that script is in the middle of the headstock, and wasn't so close to the hideous trussrod cover. The logo on the pickguard is spelled right, but size, proportions, and position are goofy.

It is some shade of orange.

Thankfully, overall it's so far off it can't really be dignified by the term "fake."


Do we have a term for these? Chretsch?

– Afire

Retch. Cause it's missing so much.


To whomever put those horrible pieces together (cobbled..). I say Bailiff, wack his pee pee..

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