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Gretsch Vintage Solid-Body of the 1950’s - NEW VIDEO!


A visit at Guitarpoint in Maintal, Germany, is a great chance to discover a very interesting page of guitar-history: the adventure of Gretsch with solid-body guitars in the 1950's. In particular, we had a close encounter with a vintage original 1955 6130 Round-Up, formerly owned for many years by Brian Setzer, and a 1956 6128 Duo Jet.



That was pretty cool!

Always good to see a couple of my favorite Gretsch players, too!

Thanks for posting that, Bob!

You do good work!


Kudos Sir... that was really well done, and refreshingly accurate on the details of these amazing guitars! Let's see more!!


That was fun to watch and really well done! Thanks for sharing this.


An excellent video! Very informative and a good watch.


Thank you so much for your encouraging comments and kind words guys! I'm really happy that you enjoyed the video... And yes kc_eddie_b please feel free to keep an eye on the channel for more! : )


Great video! I enjoyed it very much, thanks for sharing it. These guys are fun and informative.


Like others (above) here, I found this to be a fascinating and enjoyable video. Thanks for sharing!!


Well done!

It's cool you included Big Lazy!


I concur, this is really nice work, thanks Bob.


Thank you so much for your kind feedback and appreciation guys! I'm really happy that you nejoyed my contrubution! Please feel free to subscribe the channel if you like : )


Great video, Bob! Very well done. Thank you for posting this!
I think Crowbone is making an offer on that ex- Setzer Knotty Pine Round Up..


Thank you Metman! Good luck to Crowbone with the offer, please let me know if he sorts it out! : )

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