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Gretsch Tweed Case on ebay


Didn't know if you guys had seen this...its not perfect but looks pretty decent for $400...


Assuming it's a 17" wide lower bout case... is this a tweed covered ('51-'55ish) era case, or is it later and just stripped of it's exterior covering?


This is the item description: "Super clean 1954 Gretsch case that will fit most guitars of the era. 16" lower bout, 12" upper bout ,4 1/4" deep and 42 1/2" long. Everything is all original and functions as it should. It even comes with the original key for the lock. When the case is opened the pink interior still pops like the day it was made. The few cosmetic issues are some discoloring on the exterior tweed and a rip inside the case between the upper and lower bout treble side. Two of the three fabric stops on the interior are torn ( see rip picture) but the case still opens and stops at 90 degrees. This is a road ready collectors case with a lot of life left...including the handle. They don't make them like this anymore! If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Thanks for looking"


The two photos and the description are right from the ebay posting,,,here's the url:

It looks a lot like one of the cases I have, the interior may be a little pinker (mine looks darker) but I thought some of they guys in here might be looking for a vintage case for their guitar, so I just posted it, I am not the seller.

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