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Gretsch tuners for a 240 Tenor guitar


Hey Folks, I have my grandfather's 240 tenor, I think it maybe a '37. I'm in need of a set of tuners. Any ideas where to find an item like that. Cheers


I have a set of tuners, but they are connected to a ‘36 240 I never play. You’d have to buy the whole guitar!

I can’t really recall why I got mine. Do you intend to play yours or just keep it as a family heirloom?


Post a pic and the brain trust here might be able to help you. One pic per post and add some text.


I keep a large inventory of old and rare tuners for folks on this and other Forums. That said, I'm not 100% positive exactly which tuners you'll need as it could be one of several styles. Maybe Ed can post a pic of the tuners on his '36 240? Or if you send me a pic of the back of the peg head, the footprints of the original tuners might give me a clue? Just sayin'.


Here's another from a '37 model 240...


Thanks Ed. Makes sense that they would be Grovers on a tenor. I don't have any old Grover banjo tuners but, for the OP's benefit, I see them listed on the Bay from time to time.

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