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Gretsch Power Jet 6131T-TVP!


Gretch Power Jet G6131T-TVP. OFFER UP Davidson NC. $1200!!! Looks wonderful. Thought I'd pass this along. And no, its not mine or anybody I know. Lol.


Might be better placed in the "Modern" section of this site... or even better in the "Garage Sale" section, but you should probably provide a link to the sale too.

We "Vintage" section guys can't even spell G6131T-TVP.


Ok. Looks pretty old though.


Nonetheless, it's a guitar from the modern era. "Vintage" is pretty much pre-1978.

Also, no link is provided. I assume you mean it's available through the OfferUp website. But it doesn't find that guitar even on a nationwide search.

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