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Hello. I am trying to identify what guitar the attached photo came from. My Dad has an old (1965) Fender Shenandoah 12 string that I am working on. Years ago (as long as I can remember) he put this pickguard on it as his style of strumming was tearing up the finish on the guitar. I am going to put an original style pickguard back on it and am intrigued about this one. Thanks, Martin


Looks like it's from a Rancher (jumbo acoustic with a triangular sound hole.) Maybe 60s vintage. Lucite painted gold. 50s were tortoise shell without the Gretsch logo. The nice bird engraving was added after manufacture.


Triangular soundhole suggests a Rancher or a Town & Country, but the engraved logo doesn't match anything done in the the '50's; it actually looks like a 1940's logotype. The bird looks like a nicer rendering of the one on the White Falcon hollowbody electric than a stock factory example, but there are no examples of a vintage factory original White Falcon Rancher. It looks to made of a light tortoise-shell and probably engraved on the top. Early Ranchers and Round-Ups did have a steers head engraved into a tortoise shell pickguard, but never with a logotype. More pictures are always a good thing. I suspect it's a well done after-factory custom job.


I've scoured every picture I can find on the Internet and I don't find anything that's matching either. The engraving is on the bottom if that helps. Was hoping to find someone who needs that exact one for their guitar. Would love to see it go to the right guitar.


There are plenty of modern White Falcon Ranchers out there -- maybe put up for sale in the Gretsch Garage sale thread?


Just wondering. Does yours have holes for mounting?


It does look like it has screw holes. It's an old guard that was modded. Chances of it fitting another guitar with holes lining up will be slim, plus the triangle shape around the sound hole. All the ones I've made varied in that area.

It looks nice thou!

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