Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Gretsch makes fine Jazz Guitars, :)


Playing my 1965-66 era' Gretsch Country Gentleman on the Jazz gig last night.

"Stomping at The Savoy"


People who think Gretsch is not for Jazz just don’t know. You proved it here. Nice


A mate played his 1954 (53 production) 6193 Electro 2 at a regular jazz gig for several months after it was imported and it was perfect.

I often wonder if the rockabilly thing has restricted sales of Gretsch guitars especially of late.

Old thread here:-


We could find jazz musicians playing a wide array of brands. I kind of agree with you Richard and think that maybe Gretsch could add a bit of advertising aimed at the jazz players and open up a new market.


Sounds fine but it’s more the player than the guitar.

What I am saying is your playing is really good so of course it sounds good. Gretsch are fine guitars for any music but it’s your playing that’s coming thru.


Love it! Makes me want to continue learning that one (I started, but as usual, never completed)

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