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Here's another really nice, but kinda odd-duck Gretsch that I could use some help with. It's a Gretsch Hawaiian, serial number 2023. I had always thought that serial number dated to post WW2, but its features always seemed pre-war.

Can y'all help? Pix to follow Thanks! PMac Boston


Do you have a time machine too?


Go to the history section and under catalogs check the 1930's catalogs. It's there.


I also really love those tuner buttons. Alas, just the other day, one of 'em crumbled in my hand- No! And my repair person said he doesn't think he can find a close replacement. In the meantime, I'm still playing it in its now native tuning, somewhere around open C# plus quite a few cents. Still sounds awesome. If anyone knows where to find amber/tortoise replacement buttons, I'm all ears!

Thanks, PMac Boston


Wow-- not a model that you see every day!

PMac-- could you PLEASE add that guitar to our database? The category for the Hawaiian model is HERE..

Mucho Thanks.


That is a very beautiful Guitar you have there, quite historic too. I just love the combination of the larger upper Bout and appearance of the pinched Waist, guess it reminds me of something else I believe that the farther you go back in time, the more that quality woods were available to Guitar makers (same would be true with all Instrument makers …(think Stradivarius), I mean there was flat out more old growth trees around for the taking. "Tortoise Celluloid" is how the knobs are described in the early Gretsch brochure. My Advice is to have the other five buttons gently taken off and saved for posterity. While you are at it, service the tuner set using Naptha then oil them. ( has great instructional videos on how to do it) Then have a new set of buttons added to compliment the Instrument. Here is a set that might look nice. Link Lastly, do that gorgeous Hawaiian a favor and spend ten bucks on a can of Gerlitz Guitar Wax. Rub it on with a soft cloth and then rub it off in a few minutes, that Guitar will POP. And it helps preserve the finish as well. Best of luck, thanks for sharing !


Just happened to see this on EBAY, I have zero affiliation with seller. I’ll bet you that the tuner set would pop right into your “Kingly” Hawaiian.


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