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Gretsch Country Gentleman 7670 1972 Walnut Red


I always wondered what the point of a mint Gretsch was unless it was for investment purposes? If you play it, it's going to get worn and then depreciate in value and if you don't it's kinda pointless because the baldwin era guitars are just not that collectable.

You could say all the same things about an expensive brand new modern Gretsch. The way I look at it is that a guitar like this is the rare chance to buy a brand new 46 year old Gretsch. The rough modern equivalent of this guitar would be the G6122T Players Edition. UK street price, at least at Andertons, is £2,562.00. Given the choice between paying that for a brand new modern one or an essentially brand new Booneville Gent, knowing that I'm going to lose money on resale either way, I know I'd pick the vintage one and probably would be willing to pay more for it.

– Afire

Exceptionally well stated Afire. I ascribe to your reasoning. A brand new vintage guitar just doesn't come along every day and we aren't talking about a low end model either, but the iconic Country Gent, double cut version. It may in fact not have the CNC perfect fit and finish of today's builds but at first blush it appears to be a fine specimen nonetheless. While I appreciate the honest battle scars of age, like the burned 6120 in the other thread, I happen to be a big fan of pristine vintage guitars and this old gal is the ultimate as far as condition is concerned.

Whatever the estimated value of a 'normally' aged similar guitar is, and we have a pretty good idea from this thread, I remain committed to adding extra $$ for it's incredible condition, which most certainly sets it apart from any other similar model.


Here's a pic of mine (1975). Its in OK condition as I used it on the road for 20 years, but it's held up well. I have no interest in selling it, but if I did the $1500 - $2000 range would be considered, nothing higher. (And my case fits). But it certainly is a beauty!!!

– Premansite

Mine is a 1972, looks a lot like yours. I've had it for around 27 years and hopefully it's worth in the $1500 -$2,000 range.

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