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Gretsch Annie Restoration/Conversion Pt 3


It has been a pretty epic project, but I've learned a heck of a lot about Gretsch guitars in the process.


I took this shot before I finished the pickguard. Then I promptly flaked out on the sofa and just stared at it for about an hour. It was all pretty draining TBH, but I'm loving the guitar. Still messing about with pickup heights, shims and so forth, but it's almost dialled in now.


That guitar is beyond gorgeous! Congrats


Thanks Baba Joe.

Incidentally, for those that are interested the final article covers binding, the neck reset, pickup positioning, cutting the holes for the F'trons, staining, spraying reassembly and loads more.

I dare say it will be up on the magazine's website in a month or so. You can read the other instalments there too.


Stunning. So stunning I almost missed the unique control layout. Do you really want to cover that with a pickguard?


Outrageously beautiful Huw!


Wow! That came out nice


Yeah lx, I love the pickguards. And anyway, it feels weird playing without one


Just got the mag, will read it tomorrow. Looks great.


I think they look naked without the pickguard.


Beyond spectacular. Let me know when you're taking orders for the next conversion project and I'll find one and send it to you.


The first 6120 I ever saw (Neil Young's) didn't have a pickguard so I've always been partial to that look. I almost got a 6124 '60-1 Annie a few years back at a show before it got away from me. It had a "u" shaped neck unlike the rounded "c" shape I usually find from this era and a wonderful acoustic tone. One of your pictures of the neck looked a bit like that. Is it? Can't wait for the rest of the article to go online.


It's more of a medium fat 'C' lx and by any standards it's a very well carved neck. It's slightly asymmetrical too from play wear, but that makes it feel very comfortable and familiar.

Funnily enough I was reviewing a 1960 single Annie a couple of weeks ago and that had more of a 'U' neck. I was surprised by how different it was.


Looks amazing Shuggie! Ik can't wait to see the article. Or better: to play the guitar!


this restoration is incredible!!!!!! I can't even imagine the amount of time and effort required to do this amount of work and end up with such a beautiful guitar!! Shuggie , wanna do one for me? Clipper with flame top and P90s????


Thanks, it would be an honour Paul


Shuggie; been following your articles and really enjoying them! As far as neck shapes, I think it depends on who was working on necks any given day as I've been playing Gretsches since 1970 and have had a few 6124's(59's), 58 & 61 6120's, about 10 Tenny's & a couple of Gents all from the Sixties. Each neck was different! None of them were bad except one late61 Tenny that was like a big U.. I found out later that it was actually a 6113 & not a 6119. I wish I had known that 40 years ago when I owned it.. If I had that guitar back I would re-set the neck as the angle was off and probably re-shape the neck. It was the worse neck on a Gretsch I've ever! Kepp those great Gretsch articles coming mate!



Thanks Don and I'll do my best to keep the Gretsch stuff coming. Fortunately my editor is a Gretsch fan and owner too, which makes things easier.

In fact we do have something big planned so I'll let you all know closer to the time.


Delicious! What flame. That guitar's on fire!

Regarding pickguards I like them with and without. My Tennessean didn't have one when I got it. I bought one in the 90s when they started making reissues and parts but I never could get used to it. I like them on my other Gretsch's though. Yours looks smashing.


That is one jaw-dropping gorgeous guitar, Shuggie!!!! I am awed by your workmanship!


Thanks fellas

I might rework the pickguard because Danman and I figured the signpost logo was enraged into the back.

Thinking of buying an engraver pen and experiment with some scrap acrylic and black paint.

But for now I'm taking a break to enjoy playing the old thing.


Your guard looks great!

I've been engraving some of mine but honestly I think the originals must have been embossed when the guard was molded.

 photo 395BAB4F-01E5-474C-9269-42E88265B4E0_zpsneozocjh.jpg


Hi Paul, I took some close up pics of the pick guard of my 1960 6120. To me it looks like it was done by hand because it's so uneven. Shuggie thought it must be engraving when he saw this.

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