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Gretsch Annie Restoration/Conversion Pt 3


Hi fellas.

I know some of you have been following this series. The third part of my Gretsch Anniversary restoration series has just been posted on Guitar & Bass Magazine's website.

The fourth part will be published in the forthcoming issue of the magazine.

Anyway, here's the link.


very good article, Huw. enjoyed reading it.



Just read the 3 of them in a row : great work !
Now waiting for part 4...


Thanks Brent.

Thomas - you'll just have to order the next issue when it comes out early next month. It's all about binding the headstock, gluing the fingerboard back on and finishing up the fretwork.


Fantastic read, can't wait to see what's next.


Great article again Shuggie. I love reading these!
I also like the idea of making a guide for the radius blocks. I'm going to try to figure out how to make one for sanding a fingerboard while it is on the guitar too. I can't wait for the next episode!


That's a fun and informative read. I'll have to go find the previous issues.


I think you'll like the next one - you and Tony B get a mention


NJ Bob - you'll find the others instalments on the magazine's website.


I think you'll like the next one - you and Tony B get a mention

– Shuggie

Great! Although I was mentioned in this one as well. Always good to see my name spread out over the cyber world! ... ; )


Great article! Can't wait for the next one!


Fascinating Read, thanks very much for sharing. Hellava Good job!


really impressive job so far. I envy those of you with the talents to take on such a task!


Get a bloody move on Shuggs.


Get a bloody move on Shuggs.

– tonyb

Indeed, I look forward to the next issue dropping through the letter box.


I'm trying I'm trying...

Hoping to install the trestle bracing, glue the body back together, re-set the neck and string her up over the next few weeks.

Had a rummage around my Dad's garage yesterday and found a 100 year old pine plank that's exactly the right width for the trestles. Dry as dust, really light and rings beautifully when tapped.


Great work and a thoroughly interesting read of all three articles.


Brilliant. Thanks for sharing this process. I do a good deal of my own work (set ups, pick up swaps and pots, etc.), but this is well out of my comfort zone!


It's very interesting to see all the 'little' things that come up that I'd never in a million years would have thought of myself, until it's too late...

Great read!


Great work times two for you, Huw!! A wonderful article and awesome restoration work! I truly envy your talents in both areas!


Thanks senojnad, that means a lot to me.


I'm enjoying this Huw! Good luck. Paul


WOW! I've just read the finished article it looks truly outstanding.


Thanks Mr Tubs.

The final instalment has just been published in the May 2017 issue of Guitar & Bass Magazine. So here are some preview pictures.

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