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Gretsch Annie Restoration/Conversion Pt 2


I know some of you have read the first instalment of my Annie project. Just thought I'd let you know that the second instalment has just be published on line.


I saw that yesterday. It's a great looking project, very nicely documented! I'm looking forward to see the progress on that one!


Hey Shuggie, those are great articles! I loved reading them and can't wait to see how it continues.

And I saw that you mentioned my name in the first article! Ha ha, very cool! Thanks for that.
I missed the first article when it came out but I'm glad I saw it now!


Of course I mentioned you D, you've been a great help. As I recall you get a mention in Pt 3 too.

And thanks Mike, glad you enjoyed it.


It was no problem and always glad to help! But anyway: I can't wait to see it!


Good Lord that looks like a lot of work!!! Nice article!


Just caught up with both part I and II. Great reading, and hats off for the effort involved in the project.

The standard of the original woodwork in the neck pockets gives cause for amusement though: Hofner used a similar hand-carved joint, and number-matched the neck and body on each guitar to make sure the joint fitted properly. No 1/4" filler strips, no 2mm of sawdust and glue, no bits of card, and no big woodscrew doing all the work on a Hofner archtop!

I look forward to reading about future progress.



I wish i had the talent for this kinda thing,but i'm more Reg Prescott when it comes to DIY!


Excellent article. Also, you may be the first one to discover the paper and popsicle stick f-hole process. People were speculating that the sticks were there to prevent the f-hole horns from breaking during buffing, but others were saying that the buffers couldn't break the horns. The sticks working as a support for the paper/tape masking during spraying does make the most sense. Can't wait for the next installment!


Yup, waiting for my credit, hah. I brought my '59 to S. Wales for tracing if you remember.
Great work H, gave me the cojones to remove the 'board on my Goldtop project.


Lovely write up !! Fantastic work !


Nice and yeah the sticks wouldn't help in the buffing stage. When you buff critical areas you run the buffer with the points not against.

Hide glue likes wood so it would take about 2 seconds to attach them.


Thanks fellas.

T - there's a package on the way to you and a credit is certainly due. Watch this space, so to speak...


Great project told with the right photos and lucid, engaging prose.

The inner structure is a very contrary spectacle- the careful, precisely curved solid kerfing contrasts sharply with that comical neck block confection.

Enjoying this one.


Thanks fellas.

T - there's a package on the way to you and a credit is certainly due. Watch this space, so to speak...

– Shuggie

Arrived today, cheers Shuggs.


I just read all of the parts available online, your work and your words show what a heartfelt enterprise this has been, thanks for sharing. Gorgeous Guitar

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