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Hey guys and gals! I got a deal on a '78 Country Gentleman and need a bit of help locating some parts. I need the toggles and pickup rings for the model pictured below. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Check Black Rider (a sponsor here -- at right on this page)


Finding the switch would be the easy part. Something like this:

But the nuts Gretsch used with mini-toggles might be hard to find. It doesn't remind me of any standard nut I've seen before. Might have to wait for an original to pop up somewhere. Maybe Blackrider would have some.

And I agree, Blackrider would be a good place to look for pickup rings. Another option would be to try to track down a modern set. The Tim Armstrong model, and maybe some others, use these Booneville-style rings. But to complicate matter further, some seem to have two adjustment screws on the bass side. But some apparently had just the one like what you need. I can't find any dealers selling them, but maybe contact and see if he can help, or any Gretsch dealer, or Gretsch itself.


Thanks for the replies! I have emailed the mentioned vintage shop a few times without a response. They do show a set of rings for a 70's Chet, but I can't be sure they are the same because there isn't a pic. Good lead on the toggles. I've searched mouser until I'm blue in the face. Thanks again


Update: I was able to get all the parts needed for this build. I contacted Gretsch and they are sending me the necessary pickup rings (I know a guy), so big shout out to them. Thanks for all the advice


Glad you found the right stuff. Keep in mind that Boonville stuff is probably is American Standard and that the modern stuff is metric. Measure twice, cut once. Great looking Gent.

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