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Gretsch 6022 Rancher


Been strumming away on this 55 for a while. Lovely old Rancher. Gone an orangey brown. Love the western features.

As for sound and feel well it plays like a dream and sounds nice and ok too. Nothing compared to a Martin or J200 but to me it sounds like a bright semi acoustic and a good one at that!

As for looks well it's the coolest 63 year guitar I've ever seen


I love these old Ranchers and they sure do have a voice all their own...very nice!


I knew what it would sound like roughly because I played one a few years ago and then I had a Town and Country which isn't disimlar in sound. To me it sounds like a 6120 only a bit brighter and a tad louder. Looks to kill. Sweet nice tweed case too. Love it.


Beautiful! I always loved 6022s. I think I even remember a picture of Elvis Costello playing one.

If anyone wants to trade an upgraded Taylor gc4 for a rancher, let me know ;)

I even built my filtertron jazzmaster after these old ranchers (gretsch orange lacquer, spruce top, tortoise guard). Now, if I only had those inlays. . .


Wow, I mean WOW! That's a nice one!


It sounds like you acquired this beauty recently...?? Gorgeous!

Judging from the size of the lower bout and the depth of the guitar -- not to mention the age of the wood -- I'm guessing in has a pretty full and mellow tone.

A few years ago I tried some new Gretsch acoustics. They sounded more "thin" to me than Gibsons and Martins (and had a lower price as well). But with the size and age of your '55 it must have a magnificent sound.

Congrats and enjoy!


hi.. congratulations..nice christmas present..well done ..thats the coolest year .imo are sure it hasnt been refinished? looks a tad too brown? and pickgurad is original too? love the rancher well done mate.. vv


Many of the 54s and 55's had a bit of a dark reddish finish. I love that version. Beautiful addition to your quiver.


Here's one a few numbers away. Same colour


Pickguard is a replica

– gretschcrush

How is that indicated? Please educate us.


I'm presuming because it's black and the originals were tortoishell Please correct me if I'm wrong?. The seller also told me it was a replica before me buying it. The original had disintegrated


It sounds like you have it on pretty good authority.


Here's Bob Dylan's although I'm not convinced he's actually playing a Rancher in the picture.


Here's its label and was discussed on Gretsch Talk

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