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Gorgeous time-capsule ‘57 6120 on Reverb


This is a thing of beauty! Even the case is near-mint. The price is "just a bit" optimistic and the bass side f-hole binding looks a little wacky but otherwise...and check out the gold plating on the pickups! Link


That popped up in my Reverb daily feed. Jaw-dropping indeed. Like freshly thawed after being cryogenicialy frozen for 60 years.



This looks like it went directly from the factory into a temperature and humidity controlled storage locker.

Hard to imagine why anyone would have bought a brand new piece more than 60 years ago and never used it.....


No risers under the pickups? That seems odd.


Looking on my phone... but holy crap! Is that a vintage case?!?!?!


So clean, the fact that it needed a neck reset is most likely why it was put away early on. Agreed, odd to see no pickup risers.


Outstanding guitar and case but overpriced......more in line with Gary's pricing.


Does that metal nut have some sort of ridge on it?


It doesn’t look like the neck set was done quite right, which would explain the missing pick up risers. So, unfortunately, it probably still needs a neck reset.

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