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Gorgeous ‘62 6120


1st year for double cut? This is going by memory, and not a certain book.


Not a crazy price either... considering the more uncommon dial-up mute control (1 year only feature) and that killer grain on the top!


I think that's a killer color it's faded to. Very unusual grain in the wood.



It does indeed ,look natural.


One of the nicest looking ones I have ever seen.


That looks really nice. If it started life with a typical darker orange color, would it have faded that evenly?


What Baba Joe said - nicest I've seen.

I love the faded orange and the grain.


That's beautiful and the binding looks great. Price is decent too.....I'd want to see and play it in person though. But at that price, even if it needed a neck set it would be worth it.


A beauty! Is that merely a pad on the back or is there an opening to access the electronics?


Way past beautiful. I have a totally unmolested 63 6120DC, and it doesnt come close to the looks of this faded one. Wonder why this one faded and my 63 doesnt fade. That doesnt look like just sunlight, it is too even all over. There must have been a problem with pigmentation.

Gregory: Here are some links to photos of mine: The Red felt is there to protect against the black pouch which is chemically reacting with the Nitro. An unforseen and totally forgiveable Gretsch Bug in the design back then. Who would have known that the finish would react with the pouch synthetics almost 60 years later





A beauty! Is that merely a pad on the back or is there an opening to access the electronics?

– Gregory_Pecarry

There's a plastic plate that covers the access hole.

The pad covers the plate.


Hold on a bit: I see some strangeness on the binding that looks like a refinish or the binding has been changed.


I see no evidence of changed binding and rather of a respray. Look at the body binding in the image. The top finish runs over and sort of covers the black binding pinstripe and the binding whitens to almost solid, signs of a refinish. Looking at the back however, clearly shows what could be honest loss of pigment looking at the neck.

Very nice guitar, but any buyer should ask for very good closeups of the binding on the front and back all around. These early Gretches did not have the binding issues of the later 70s ones that rotted away, so binding rot is not expected.

Looks to me like the top only was refinished, but it is not conclusive without closeup photos.


Could that just be the studio lighting retnev?

The pictures are nicely shot, but I think the whites are blowing out on the edges and in some areas, where the binding looks completely white, the black pinstripe reappears when the guitar is shot from a different angle.

Not saying it hasn't been refinished, but the binding looks ok to me.


I'm not following what retnev is saying. Is he worried about the inconsistent appearance of the black layer of the binding? That's just glare from the lighting IMHO.


I owned that guitar for awhile and sold it around 5 years ago. Absolutely original finish and binding. That's just glare washing out the black binding strip. Here's another shot from when I owned it.


Thats a way better photo and the kind of quality that should have been used. Those photos from the seller are nice looking but very badly done for selling a guitar. Lots of people will pass seeing that, me included. Bad idea to include photos with optical aberrations and exposure problems.

James Brown, any idea how the top bleached out so nicely, if in fact you know the history ? Did the 62's have the same pigment trouble as e.g. the 58-59 Stratocasters had, namely the reds that faded away ? Seems like it could be the same kind of thing.

I wish mine would fade like that, but I guess it did not and so will not.


James Brown, any idea how the top bleached out so nicely...

Looking at JB's pictures, it may not be as bleached out as the seller's pictures suggest. That looks like a fairly normal light orange fade.

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