Vintage Gretsch Guitars

G503? WTF is this?


Pretty sure it's actually a G5030, you can barely see the 0.


This is a forgery.

The label tells me so. That is in no way a vintage label. The "Gretsch" logotype is modern off of some Electromatic. The "G" designation is likewise modern as that never existed prior to 1989. Don't even get me started on the soundhole.


From the serial number page, the IS prefix in the serial seems to indicate manufacture in Indonesia, which would make it 2003 or later. But I've never seen a sound hole like that, something seems fishy to me. It doesn't really look like a Gretsch to me.

Edit: yup, it's a Kay. So while it could definitely be a '54 it's not worth the $450.


This guitar is likely something old; but it's not a Gretsch and never was. Give me a couple of hours and I can make you a label like that.


Chicago made?

– Joe Desperado (aka: Jack Daniels)

Considering that it's likely a Kay Old Kraftsman, it probably was made in Chicago.


Kay made for sure, probably Silvertone or Airline badged by the headstock. Here's rockabilly legend Al Ferrier playin one. Wildeman

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