Vintage Gretsch Guitars

funny looking 56 jet


Check the pole pieces at around 2:30 minutes...


Looks like the pole pieces are just about all the way up.

That itself looks funny, but I think the pickups are correct for the guitar.


That's not too far from how the bridge pickup pole pieces were set on my last Duo Jet, a '53. How high they're set is dictated by the neck angle. Like my old one, this one must have a pretty steep angle. And also consider that there was no "bridge" DeArmond height. They were both short. The thicker bridge riser made up some of the difference, but they are usually still significantly farther from the strings than the neck pickup. So, you either raise the pole pieces or you add another riser to get the pickup closer to the strings (which I think conventional wisdom would suggest is the better approach).


That height is not much different than my new '57 Vintage Select.


The T-Armonds on my 53RI are half as high, but the neck angle is different.

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