Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Found on CL yesterday, help needed.


Can any one confirm that this is a 1935ish Model 50. Serial number on head stock is 300-8 or 3008. Grover tuners have been changed. Tailpiece looks original, not sure about bridge.


Thanks for the pics link. Everything looks accurate to me, even the bridge.

However, dating these guitars from the early American Orchestra series can be tricky. The serial number sounds like it would be in the ballpark or perhaps early 1940's, but the best source that I know of for information on this era is forum member KC_EDDIE_B. Perhaps he can chime in soon.


Very cool guitar! How does it play/sound?


Judging by the '30's Gretsch catalogs, this could be anything from '33-'39. The '39 Model 50 seems to have gotten a beefier tailpiece, but aside from that they look the same. Aside from the changed tuner, this one looks pretty original.


I do not play yet, but, the previous owner played it a little, i will add the sound file. i do not think there is a truss rod. At least there isn't a cover. I think it needs a luthier set up. The action is a little high at the 12th fret. Seems to hold tune. It is not very loud. Has medium sustain. Would probably mike well.

Does anyone know if the pick guard looks original? There is a screw at the top, there are two rivets and one screw on the bracket. Its solid black.


This American Orchestra model 50 is circa 1936. The earlier examples had diamond inlays on the fretboard, and this is an early dot-marker example. The pickguard looks original, not sure about the tailpiece... could be.

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