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Found a 1958 6119


Hey everyone! I have accumulated a bunch of credit at my local music shop and am interested in this guitar. It seems pretty nice with the original case ,non original bridge . The only issue seems to be that the break angle over the bridge is very shallow which means it likely needs a neck reset . They are asking $4500 Cdn for it ( I can very likely get a better deal than that)and I was just wondering if this was worth it or not considering the neck repair likelihood . Any thoughts?


Not a '58 (see zero fret and V-B6). Pickguard, bridge and maybe tuners are all not original. The knob on the upper bout should be a switch. These have been valued at around US$3000-3500 for the past 20 years (in original and great condition).


Thank you sir! I was probably going to pass on this one and you have confirmed my opinion on it.A few too many things not quite right.


ACtually a few years ago a really nice one went on ebay for $1850


ACtually a few years ago a really nice one went on ebay for $1850

– DCBirdMan

I remember that. Unfortunately, I didn't take a shot at it because I never would have guessed it would go so low. When I saw the closing price after the fact, I was kicking myself in the ass.
That's eBay for you. Sometimes things go for twice what they should, other times for half what the should. You can't take the outliers as a gauge for the going rate. The best deal I ever got was a near mint '58 Single Anniversary for $750. I wasn't even in the market, just put in a lowball bid and was shocked to win. It happens. But it doesn't mean that $750 is the going rate for a near mint '58 Anniversary.


Thats still a fine looking guitar, but I think it should be half the price if it's needs a neck reset. Easy to replace a switch. The other stuff is pretty trivial.

What's the break angle like? My Tennessean has a shallow break angle and it's the nicest playing guitar I have. No issues whatsoever. As long as there's some angle over the bridge.....though I imagine you would know this though Gary. erp.

Those always remind of the 65 red club I had that the PO refinished to match the Chet workshop guitar. It really is a stunning colour.


I was going to say the same thing about the break angle. I think people make too much of a big deal about that. If it's enough to keep the bridge in place and the strings from popping out, then it's good enough. If the neck joint seems stable and it plays well, then I wouldn't worry about a neck reset. Regardless, I agree that it's still overpriced. There's about $500 worth of parts that have been replaced, and even if you source the right parts, it'll never be totally original. I'm sure the tuner swap required some reaming out and extra holes. But it could be a great player, restored to mostly original condition. I would think $3000-$3500 CDN would be more like it. Again, that's assuming it doesn't actually need a neck reset. If it really does, then I think Toxophilite hits the nail on the head. Cut the price in half.

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