Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Flamey ‘58 Gent



Flamey doesn't quite describe it; the whorls and ribbons of maple grain look almost psychedelic. The replaced tuner is a great illustration on why the modern Imperials look like degraded copies of the originals. For me this is the one to have; "D" shaped neck (but only if 24.5") and the headstock wings. And suitably attired for the 4th too.


Man U find some good ones. Keep em coming. Never knew there was a D neck.

Actually a few years back someone went $2750 for a 'like it left Brooklyn in 1965' Tennessean. Those are always fun to look over. Tags, keys, etc. n


21 fret neck, so it’s a long scale Gent, usually those are seen in early part of the first batch.

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