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Fishy ‘55 6120



Thought this was a smokey orange finish, but I'm thinking there's more than that going on here. G brand is almost faded off, 1970's (?) tuners and a strap knob screwed onto the pup selector. Old refin?


many things make this 6120 not as described. that finish is a gretsch finish and was likely done mid 60s when it went back for repair of some sort--if not a refinish request. Thats the same finish you see on mid 60s tennys and gents etc. I hada 60' 6120 that went back to gretsch and came back looking identical to this one.

Great guitar at 1/2 of that price.


The G-brand is interesting. I've only owned a couple G-brand Gretsches, and never paid that much attention to the brand itself. You'd think couldn't have sanded it out of the wood that much without sanding through the veneer. I'm guessing much of what you see on a normal G-brand might not go much deeper than the finish, so when the finish was removed, much of the appearance of the original G-brand went with it. Maybe. That's my idle speculation anyway.


My '56 was burned through the finish and into the wood; no finish over the brand.

Edit: There may have been bits of clear on the brand but I remember it as mostly burnt wood. Been almost 30 years...


yes the G brand was definitely sanded down -- none of them look like that when original


Some overzealous sanding during the refin, apparently. And I have seen guys put strap knobs on the switch tip - same thread!


It's been listed on fleabay and this time with the serial #: 16486 -- the debut batch of 6120's and 6121's. Maybe the G brand wasn't applied correctly because it was a new process. I'd be scared of doing it. Is that a two-piece back?

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