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I have looked as well, they may have left us during the last remake. I cannot find Drumbob's killer Annie thread either.


There are several spots still referencing "Rockmount" gear. But, this seemed the best place to share what was news to me. The Gretsch Rockmount shirt currently is an offering on their newest online catalogue. I ordered the men's slim when I got mine a couple of years ago. The sales staff at their physical store were just super. I dealt with Jason, primarily, but Carrie, some, at 303-629-7777. Tavo and I discussed that if you have shorter arms than these stock sleeve length, the only real solution is to take the appropriate sized tuck in the sleeve at the top. That leaves the decoration at the cuff intact and feels just fine. Here's the link to the shirt: Rockmount Gretsch Shirt


I just got one but am not sure where to wear it. Around here you would have to go to a major casino to see something like this.


I just got one but am not sure where to wear it. Around here you would have to go to a major casino to see something like this.

– piratesrule

I wear mine, of course, to any Gretsch event I want and often to rock & rockabilly concerts. Last time I saw Wanda Jackson she blew me a kiss and pointed to my Gretsch shirt. Girl's a class act, for sure. They are very comfortable and of significant weight. So they are great as jackets over lighter weight shirts, too.


It's fun to find this thread again as I seem to be moving up in the world of style. Two suits from Brooks Brothers today along with a few ties and shirts. Got my first ever black suit. A huge step up from my usual JC Penny shopping. They feel real nice. Gotta attend some red carpet affair in NYC next month and I have to fit in.


Was this thread always in the "Vintage Gretsch guitar" section of the forum?


It must have been in Misc. Rumblings or About the Gretsch Pages. It must have been jostled by the crash.


Sorry folks, yes this is supposed to be in MR.

Wow John the large applet, happy travels! Steppin' out is fun. New duds are fun. Do post some big city pics to show off your continentality. Meself I am currently waiting for a Schott B-6 sheepskin flight jacket to arrive from Nova Scotia. It will keep me warm and make me look cool on the BMW. It lookie like this...


My wife is one of only 15 nurses in the entire state of NY. to be nominated for Nurse of Distinction. They call it the academy awards of nursing. I spent more on my suit than I ever spent on a guitar but this is a once in a lifetime deal. I'm very proud of her.


That is a BIG deal John, congrats to Enid!!!


Wow! John. That does merit being rather spiffy. Love & congrats to Enid! Olivia Anne

P.S. Does Olivia get to accompany Y'All?


I'll start a new thread bragging about my wife later. Right now I'm wearing an apron while cooking dinner.


Very sad faces on behalf of we of The Olivia Persuasion!


Hi. Long time no lounge.

My new motorcycle makes my butt look faster, and the din coming from under the tank and out the pipes is like a bombing raid over Dresden. Sorry Dresden, just a simile. Good times.


Here's a chunk of the formerly terrific Good Grooming Section, most recent post re chapeaux.

However. I do not believe this to be the most iteration of the reclaimed thread following the most recent crash.


Man, I am a huge Bert K. fan. Nice taste, sir.



"Where members, assured and content in their inherent manliness, may discuss fashion, accessorising, colours, fabrics, scent, hair products (including 'systems') and modern etiquette in a warm, welcoming domain."

Hello to Shuie and this mostly elegant legacy.

Hey y'all.

And we've crashed again?


Ah yes, here we go!

– Bonedaddy

Keith, Are you able to remember anything specific that was posted within the intermittent gap; say, 3 or 4 years ago, a word, or term? There was the update to the one here of 23 or so pages of another 15 pages or so. Somone was going to try to link them, as I recall.

If so, I'll try to search for it, too.

By the way, white evening jackets . . .

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