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Dmanlow, that link is the very essence of good grooming.

Thank you too, Geoff Vane. A very important breakthrough there. And your Kraftwerk reference makes a dreadful shirt/tie combo a little more palatable. In fact it's so hip that I'm loving the look now. It's all in the mind. Now I'm a model and I'm looking good. She'd like to take me home it's understood.

Mr Jimi, I had to wear dress shoes. If it was up to me- riding boots with spurs would be just the ticket.

Bern, Curt, Dave- thanks for the good wishes. And the time check Dave. Got my bearings now.

Shuie said: I had to wear dress shoes. If it was up to me- riding boots with spurs would be just the ticket.

Hmmm, Shuie... methinks this is a Winklepicker opportunity, no?


Really, it IS a winklepicker opportunity. You're absolutely right.

I was just feeling a little bit subversive!


Silly question. I have decided to try a beard this winter. I have had small ones in the past but this year I am going all out. For those of you with full beards, do you wash it with soap or do you use a shampoo or something else? I am thinking Billy Gibbons style.


Thanks dmanlow. I have been using a K-Bar to trim. I will try a good shampoo tomorrow. Just over a month and I have got two inches of facial hair. I bet I shave it off within a month from now. My wife loves it and that is why I am going to try to put up with it.


My wife did not want me to grow a beard - but I did! So I grew one. But after a month or two I hated it and wanted to shave it off. My wife did not want me to shave it off!

Do they do this on purpose!


"Do they do this on purpose!"



I had a mustache when I met my wife. After we were married a few years I shaved it off. She freaked and MADE ME grown it back.

What does this mean? No idea.

Do the do it on purpose? Who can say?

UncleGrumpy said: My wife loves it and that is why I am going to try to put up with it.

If that is not a "Pearl of Wisdom", I don't know what is.

sorry, back to discussion.


I've had a beard for thirty years from now and what I found good for it is a good close bristled hairbrush. What I use is a dog grooming brush. It is the kind that has steel pocupine looking bristles on one side. The brush side is excellent for the itchiness of the startup and it has a mellowing affect after that.


Now I want to address a thing that has been bugging me for a couple of years now. It has to do with the way women have their nails done nowdays.

I Love a well manicured woman's hand. I like the nail grown out a bit past the tip, usually no longer than 1/4" and I prefer the end tapered to a soft point. What this does is make the lady's fingers look a little longer and tapered and is (to me) generally an overall pleasing effect.

The style of the day, however, is to go to a salon and have nails applied and having them a bit longer than the tips of the fingers and then they file them square across.

To me it looks like they had a bunch of great toes (big toes) grafted to their hands and don't look feminine at all to me.


Been wanting to grumble about that for years.


Women do their nails for themselves and other woman. When was the last time you looked at a girl and said "man she is hot. If only her nails looked better." I rest my case. I shall now duck and cover.


I used to hire women to work in a saloon and my crew had a reputation for 'pretty'. Condition of hands was always a factor because customers like to see nice hands deliver their drinks. I wouldn't disqualify a girl if she didn't have a nice manicure but it was a factor. One of my favorite waitresses I remember caught my eye because she had "Vargas Hands".

Being something of an artist (watercolor...see my site I tend to focus on hands.

Nowadays, of course I'm just talking about looking and when I look since I Am 'just looking' I look for best totals and with me, hands are a high priorty.

Not exactly sure why this fixation on hands is with me. I think it goes back to seeing pictures of Vargas paintings when I was a small boy. True enough the women he painted were gorgeous but his skill with rendering hands added tremendously to his subjects femininity

Still think square cut long nails are not a pleasure to see, IMO. I'd rather see them as described in my other post. And a good manicurist can do them up so they look very close to natural...

How a woman keeps her hands says a lot about how she keeps herself I think...

The Norm said: see my site

Where can I get mrs jimi some jeans like that?

Ya know, I forgot to check the nails, better go back to normspot!


Of course today the in-thing is patterns on the nails. My wife's hair saloon has a pro manicurist/toe and finger nail painter. She does everything free had and is a real artist. Being my wife's saloon she has her toes done every now and then as a perk - and some of the designs have been really intricate. I think they are great. Incidently my wife does her own figure nails - she uses false nails but they are finished with a curved shape - not cut straight across as referred to a few posts up. And she only uses false nails because the hairdressing profession is not condusive to preventing cracked and broken nails!


the most dangerous animal known to man - a woman in search of dinner


Piratesrule, how you doing you mad buccaneer? You were right, I did indeed take a bit of time off to grow some really long Captain Quint sideburns and moustache combo. For ten thousand dollars I'll get you the head, the tail, the whole damn thing.

Bern, Mrs S is currently in lifelong-nailbiter-coldturkey as we speak. She's doing very well- wore falsies for a couple of weeks and removed them a couple of days ago to reveal surprisingly nice nails. It's a little victory for her.

Just as Norm suggests, an almond nail shape is the epitome of elegance. Long nails with a squared tip have an unsavoury predator vibe. Me no likee.


I am in a "Casual Friday" grooming quandry and am looking to this group for guidance.

My employer has had a tradition of allowing "Casual Friday" for some years. I have developed a habit of making these "Casual Days" shower optional days as well.

Starting in the New Year, for various reasons, my employer has announced that the whole First Quarter will be "Casual"(!) Does this mean that showering is also optional during that time??

I say that over-bathing may be harmful to the epidermis and that I should take this opportunity to allow my skin to return to it's more natural healthy state... I call this process restoring one's "patina".

Unfortunately, mrs jimi vigorouly disagrees with my position on this. I have agreed to abide by your decision on this vital grooming matter!


Hi Shuie, glad you are back. You were about to get photoshopped. Just trying to find something constructive to do with myself, looking out at the puddles of yesterday's snow - a winter's day in a deep and dark December here in Washington. I hope you and yours are well, you have been missed.

Say, if anyone lives where it is Acapulcolike, other than Acapulco, please do tell as I am getting happy feet out I'm learning Mainline Florida from Clapton's 461 Ocean Boulevard album.

Mr jimi she's just jealous, tell her to grow some funk of her own.


Mr Jimi,

You are in a VERY precarious position. The whole 'casual' corporate dress thing is an evil test. Remember Jasper in accounts? Star Trek fan, never seemed to have a girlfriend? Wore full Klingon battle armor on a dress down Friday back in '06? Well, he is now part of the foundations to a turnpike ramp somewhere near Sacramento.

The 'man' is keeping a watchful eye on just how casual YOU are going to be next year.

I say out-boss the boss. Go dressed as a Banana Republic General. More medals the better. I'll lend you my boots.

As an alternate strategy, consider classic 80's Power Dress. Think 'Crystal Carrington from Dynasty' and keep your employment status secure with shoulder pads, high heels and big hair. Don't skimp on the mascara, either.

Be Lucky!

Piratesrule, you are a perfect gentleman. Thank you sincerely for your kind words. It's great see you.

Perhaps, what with the weather being so downbeat, it might be fun to fettle the English sportscar collection. Did you ever fit that blower to the MGB? And how are the lever arm dampers? I never used to winter-away old cars. I'd have only one at a time and use it all year. Straight six Vauxhalls were my drug of choice. Haven't had any old iron for a few years now. Lost the urge and it never did come back.

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