Vintage Gretsch Guitars

The original Good Grooming lounge (or a big chunk of it, anyway)


Man Chet, Your almost a dead ringer for the regular drummer we had in the 60's!


Is this not THE ultimate in good grooming? Not I, but a good friend on his wedding day.


Vern's humorus pic begs a new subject: Whats the take on cigars/tobacco??


I love a fine cigar. Oh crap, they're made of tobacco????

Nuttin' better than a nice Montecristo #2 (Habana) and nice cup of Illy on Sunday mornings in the sunshine on the front porch.


Very good taste Bone!


Djarum clove and ice cold champagne here, and since we're including drinks and I'm having both my Scots/Irish, Norse and Deutsch blood I say Slaandjivaa! Sláinte! Skål! Prost!


You remember the song Unclegrumpy...well grits is groceries, eggs be poultry, and street art proves she was no man. It's funny.


"And where is Shuie?"

Bernw: Tis a mystery. Send out a search party.


Fell down the well. Lassie told me.



I think I've seriously overslept. What time is it?



We were getting sewiously wowwied! Where you been, brother?


"We were getting sewiously wowwied!"

I just looked upsides of this page and you're right. Thank you all for thinking of me. Means a lot.

I didn't intend on being away but life kinda came crashing into everything and I just had to put things as right as I could manage. It's taken ages! Anyhoo- all is well.

Except for one thing.

I've been doing a show recently and we have to wear black shirts and white ties. That is one unsalvegably bad look. It just never works. When I wear the shirt/tie combo I feel like a tragically deluded East-London gangster wannabe. Pitiful.


Black shirts and white ties, it's almost Kraftwerk. Does that comply with the Good Grooming Standard?


Hey, glad you're back. Life, eh? I hope you've managed to sort whatever needed sorting.

You didn't have to wear a double-breasted jacket with that shirt/tie combo, did you? That's when it gets real serious!

Oh, it's Monday, by the way.


Good to see you back Shuie, you've been missed along with your YouTube updates.


Hey Shuie - so glad to hear from you again! Hope you've sorted out that life problem. We are here to listen and try to help if you ever feel the need. You know that.

Shuie said: we have to wear black shirts and white ties

What footwear have you selected?


First off, I've neglected to read this thread in it's entirety and I may be interjecting in the midst of your discussion but I just had to share this website I discovered last week.


It's got some real old school man reading going on. It's even taken priority over the gretschpages as of late. I hope you gentleman and ladies can enjoy it as much I have.


I broke my leather in the real mans way. I dumped my bike. Good link.


Geoff: I'm having lunch with a few old journo mates in London tomorrow and I'll be passing right by Trumpers. Maybe I'll pop in and buy myself a Christmas lotion or two.

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