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Faux Anodizing ?


Anyway to get a anodized look on a aluminum bigsby? It'd be nice to have a gold B6 bigsby on my Electro 2 but I don't want to drop a huge bundle on an old one. An anodized plain B-6 type I think would be best.


The Custom Shop 6120'-55's from ten or so years ago had a Bigsby that may have had (IIRC) a heavy gold enamel coating and it looked anodized. Perhaps it was anodized, but it certainly wasn't the shiny gold-plated ones we have now. Maybe real anodizing?


Dupli color makes a line of spray paints called metalcast that are designed to duplicate the look of anodizing. It looks like they have a yellow color that may or may not be close. Look at an auto parts store for that one

Otherwise testors "candy" colors are also transparent and will give the same tint over a base look. A hobby or model building shop would be your best bet there.

I have actual gold anodizing done locally. To get the look you would have to polish the unit first then anodize. It runs $65 a batch which is up to 50lbs of aluminum.


A couple GDPers have mastered this... have you searched the site for this topic?


There are a few videos on youtube that may be helpful.


Rattlecan stuff won't stay on the arm if you ever use it. There are translucent powder coats that look OK. Why not just get it anodized?


Ive been wanting to do a few repro fixed arm B3s & B6s myself

Keep the suggestions coming


I just a DE arm in the mail and it's getting the draino treatment for now. If you ever want to antique an aluminium bigsby. remove all plastic bits (likely bearings etc) and let sit in a water draino solution) you can do this before or after the shaking in a bag of bolts..or both) It oxidizes the aluminium very well and looks good, not too shiny on an old guitar.


Here's a guy who got one anodized.

It took him a while to find somebody to do it, but it certainly came out looking how you'd want it to.


I talked to a company semi locally and there minimum was $85 Can so about $64 US.No time to do it now as holiday in Cambodia is looming.... (cue the Dead Kennedys) But maybe after.


No time to do it now as holiday in Cambodia is looming.... (cue the Dead Kennedys) But maybe after.

Oh...please, do tell.


Actual holiday, in actual Cambodia. My girlfriend booked it. I thought we were going to Vietnam. A holiday in Cambodia is more humourous sounding.

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