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When I bought my 1959 Tennessean it came with a lot of the original paper work. I think it's really neat, but I was wondering if there was one of these info cards for filtertrons. Anyone know?


I know there was Hi Lo tron card that looked like that... came w/ the later Tennesseans...I have seen those.


I had this photo in my records... not sure where I got it. Clearly shows the Filter'Tron info card. These are apparently reproductions of the original 50s ephemera but it shows you what it looked like at least.


Yes. there was one with my '63 6122's case candy when I got it.


awesome! thanks gonna keep my eyes peeled for one of them, i'd love to get one framed.


Hilo'Tron version (just adding it to the pile.)


Get some nice scans and send 'em my way. I'll add them to the memorabilia section.


Here are a few more of the HiLo'Tron brochure. Baxter, I'll send you a PM (or send me one with your email address) and I'll send high resolution versions of these (and a few other) scans.


Inside of the HiLo'Tron brochure:


Bax! I'll be in my office tomorrow, and can scan my stuff at a good dpi, I'll shoot em your way soon!


I've got the hilotron stuff, a miracle neck thing sheet and a melita adjustment sheet in the memorabilia section now.

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