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Email addy for Tim Harman


I've been looking for a bit here for Tim's email address cause I needs one of his bridges..I don't understand why it's not on his Tru-Arc website.. Anyone care to share his email address? Thanks!


I'm sure Tim will contact you.


He did. That is, I did.


Well, you were either going to respond or be welled up in that tiny shrine to Prog you have in your basement, writing a sound literary beating aimed at Rolling Stone.


Yeah well.

I suppose it's possible my fixation on Setting That Miserable Rag's Record Straight just goes back to Jim Henke refusing to recognize I was cool. And it's probably unseemly of me to hold a grudge against a dead man.


WTF? Rolling Stone use to be a good magazine, but that was before they moved to New York! They should have stayed in San Francisco!


Tim, could you send it to me also? The PM here seems to work for me, but I sent you a PM from here that I suspect you didn't get.

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