Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Eddie Cochran’s 6120 as played by….


Suitable to run 3 columns wide.


...and playing an Em7 chord fingerstyle!


Her name seemed familiar but I couldn't place it and looked it up. She's had quite the career. The Creature is my favorite monster, and that movie had Clint Eastwood's film debut in a small comic (uncredited) cameo.

I bet not many got to play Eddie's guitar and with this pic she's now a part of Gretsch history.


Suitable to run 3 columns wide.

– Proteus

And on a Friday no less!


Love the photo of Jane Russell on the bottom? I use to go to boarding school with her daughter Tracy. Got to meet Jane a couple of times! Even in 1970 she was beautiful and those breasts were phenomena!

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