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Ed Ball’s book on Brian Setzer’s coffee table!


Looks like he went dumpster diving for an accordion, and came up with a banjo instead. Oh well, we can't be winners all the time.

Truly though, the book is a nice touch... and essential reading.


Well now... isn't THAT cool! I had sent him a copy of the 6120 book through his Surfdog management back when it came out... but he would have had to actually purchase the 50s Manual. Or maybe Santa left it under his tree...


Cool! I hope Ed autographed it.


where did you get this from? what a screen shot haha

– TheNocturneBrain

Well there I was - Brian invited me over to smoke cigars and gush about how much Gretsch nailed the anti-freeze green color on my Hot Rod. He said that Pantone scientists want to use it to calibrate their color matching computers. And then we had an impromptu Banjo Jam.

Or he just posted a video on his page.

It was definitely one of those two things.


I thought I recognized you in the video..ahem... I mean the picture.


I have Earnie Balls book on mine!


Very cool, Ed! The book remains essential reading for any Gretschophile.


I have now read Ed's book 4 times. It is THAT GOOD!


I totally love this new development in the space-time continuum.


I have Earnie Balls book on mine!

– Billy Zoom

bz, what ernie ball book? this one?


ps- nice to see the gretsch history being passed on so well

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