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Ed Ball’s book featured on 5-watt world


Very nice segment featuring Ed’s book. Nicely done Ed! Link


Great review. Magnificent book!


So that was very nice of him! The title is 10 years old now... but I'll take any review that is that flattering!! Thanks for posting Craig!


Here's the entire Short History of the 6120, featuring Ed's book that prompted the Best of Listing. Well done, Ed. Well deserved.


10 years?!?

Damn’, time is definitely speeding up...


10 years!

I actually had to check my book,and there inside it says 2010,and my receipt says ordered on August 4th 2010 !


I just reread the 57 chapter again last night. Was one for sale around here. Love the detail re each batch


It sounds like a must have book for any Gretsch guitar lover. I'm going to see if I locate a copy of it, I'll take a peek at Amazon and see if they have it in stock. I love books like this!

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