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Early 1964 Country Club restoration/resurrection DONE!


How do they sound? GreTscH has never made a 17" hollowbody with HiLos. TVJ says they are his favorites. Any way of making some clips?

BTW, I add my compliments. Really beautiful work. Wish I had your skills. And I vote in favor of the armrest. Pickguard is lovely as well.


The 6199 Convertible/Sal Salvador was a 17" and fully acoustic; IIRC it may have been the only Gretsch to receive a Dyna, a Filter and a HiLo in it's production cycle. I've only heard the Dyna version and loved it. Second on the sound clips.


A truly unique winner from paint job to hardware!


I almost bought a Convertible once...I was told by a 2nd party it was a potential basket case so I didn't , however maybe I should've. beautiful guitars. Thanks Dave and Strummerson !

Here's a couple of old 64s . They sound pretty similar except the Country club is a little bigger and warmer. which I think largely comes from the distance the pickups are from the bridge and each other.I did cheat and fudge both the CC pickups 1/4' closer to the bridge which makes them a little brighter and allows the neck PU pickup surround to be seen. Now: (measured from the middle of the poles on the low E string)

The CC neck PU is 6" and the bridge PU is 1 5/8" from the bridge

The Tennesseanneck PU is 5 3/8" and the bridge PU is 1 3/8" from the bridge

I think this is the biggest factor Of course the CC has a slightly wider body at 17". open F-holes, a long scale and an ebony board as well But I'm betting the pickup spacing is making the most difference


Sound clips: Country club first then Tennesseean. Straight into homebuilt AB763 Deluxe reverb with a 3 band fender EQ and a JBL D123 speaker. I should also say that this deluxe instead of the 47 pf bright cap has a 120 pf cap on a bright switch like my Super reverb. The bright switch is disengaged for this recording. Close miked using a shure sm58 (because that's what I had on a stand!) Amp at V-2 T-4.5 M-3 B-4 Chords: neck, middle, bridge Riffs: middle, neck, bridge


I hear the Tennessean being just a tad brighter sounding, probably the result of that bridge pickup being a tad closer to the bridge, but otherwise not much to choose being the sound of both guitars. And they both sound terricfic, as does your playing Bernie! The fact they're understandably so much alike it comes down to which one looks better for a given song! With this CC in the stable and looking and sounding so good, does that mean one of the Yamaha's goes up for sale?


Thanks Dave! Are you looking to buy a Yamaha??? I tend to like guitars that sound similar so I can have a pair live in case I break a string ... which doesn't seem to happen much anymore though it used to. I used to have a strat as a second guitar and If I broke a string and had to pick it up I hated it! THe geometry was all wrong and it sounded really different! Around the home I loved playing it as it sounded beautiful!

The one Yamaha AE1200S has blacktop filertrons in it and sounds really good that way. It sounded good with Hilotrons but then in my opinion, everything does!!! I might try the blacktop filtertrons in the other Yamaha (AE18) as they are pretty well a drop in for conventional humbuckers. That's why you should sell me yours so I don't have to use these new ones I got..hahahaha


No!......I'm not trolling for your Yamaha! If you take the Tenny & CC to your gigs, where does that leave your 2 in the trunk for a spare spare? I can see you keeping the AE 18 as it's a terrific guitar, very nice construction and that big archtop sound.

Still hangin' on to the pair of BF Filters out of my SC for future implant into my 6120. As it's the Blue Burst model - outer edges fade to black, the BF Filters will be nicely color co-ordinated. BTW, this is the only sunburst color scheme I like. Tobacco and yellows.....common and bleck.


One time I ate a smoothy when I was sick and had a blue burst


Sound clips of the Country Club with hilotrons and a comparison of a Tennessean are about 4 post back if anyone is interested


I'm surprised at how similar they sound, the Tenny sounds a bit more focused due to the smaller size I guess. I think I like them in the Tenny more, but I bet dynamics change at louder levels. Nice playing.


I just tried them out at volume and the results are pretty much the same I think the Tennessean sounds brighter and maybe tighter because it's pickups are closer to the bridge and each other A little less bottom and more top over all the CCs neck pickup is 5/8" farther from the bridge and the bridge pickup is 1/4" farther. especially in the bridge position this makes big difference. Just the fact that these gretsch guitars have essentially the same pickups placed in different positions (neck and bridge) and the result is a vastly different sound shows how much this affects a guitars sound. The playing is a little gimpy being get-something-recorded-and-don't-fuss type playing!

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