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Early 1964 Country Club restoration/resurrection DONE!


Fantastic job Toxo. Loving the colour.

Congratulations and enjoy


1st World Dilemma To banjo armrest or not to banjo armrest??


And you too Shuggie! Your anniversary looks delicious!


Wow Toxophilite! You must have slaved hours and hours over that guitar!


Re 1st world dilemma - No banjo armrest, please.

Nothing that's not a banjo should ever have to wear that thing. And that goes for Penguins too.

IMO, of course


Re 1st world dilemma - No banjo armrest, please.

Nothing that's not a banjo should ever have to wear that thing. And that goes for Penguins too.

IMO, of course

– fuzzpop

I completely armpit protector required on any Gretsch. Gretsch guitars are very classy in and of themselves and this device takes away from that look and besides, my armpits are never in any danger of being assaulted by a guitar. Leave it off!


That looks great! Very nicely done. I'm not an arm rest guy either... but to each his own... ; )


Thanks! It was much toil The armrest is on there with two sided foam tape right now, which is pretty good stuff. I've attached pickups with it before no problem. So detachable and no holes in the guitar for what is essentially an aesthetic addition..Just wait till I get the flower decals out!!


Oh and I used one side of the kill switch as a coil tap for the classic plus bridge pickup as I find it too much like a conventional humbucker at 7.6K Especially as far as it is away from the bridge. I flipped the pickup over (bass too treble) so the single coil poles are closest to the bridge, adjusted the poles accordingly, balanced the pickups and now it's essentially like a hot hilotron (3.8k) when the kill switch is in one on position. I can flip the switch the other way to for an uber power bridge pickup if I want but it's really not my style. All non invasive and easily reversible.


Is that green felt on the muffler? If not, it seems to photo that way and looks great. Armrest matches the rest of your guitar nicely. Sound clips of the classic + treble bleed would be greatly appreciated by many.


Sadly not green felt, though I do have some. This time I went for ugly black/grey foam on the mute. On my Viking (which has since gone to live with someone else who gave me money ) I used felt and while it muted well it also made the unit a lot stiffer to use as it need more push to get an even muting of the strings. The foam mutes the string nicely and makes the switch a lot easier to flip. Both the mutes I've seen from the 60's had hardened crumbly foam remnants on them, probably for a reason. I think the felt is classier looking though


Man, I hadn't seen the end of this one yet. Great Job!


Looks great. Nice job! The arm rest looks great and makes it uniquely yours.


Thanks very much! I have to admit I wasn't kidding about the flower decals... They're just water based I have asmaller version of the same one (a single rosebud) that will probably go on the pickguard as the big one will probably just get rubbed off eventually About 25-30 years ago there was a 60s orange well played nashville in a pawnshop for $900 that I used to drool over but couldn't afford. It had a big white rose decal on the lower bout bass side. Still sticks in my head.

I also found a thick round pad of green felt (it was one of three that was under the seat of a vintage organ bench....repurposed!) for the mute toggle, not red but it does the trick


Good looking guitar. Congrats


BEAUTIFUL work by you!!! Congratulations!


Thanks very much! I test drove the club last night playing 3 long sets of my original tunes live with my band the Colorifics. It played well as I had the action set up pretty good for me. Because of the somewhat unfamiliar pickups(to me) I was tweaking my amps a little all eve. But overall I was pretty happy with a lot of the sounds I was getting. I probably need to do a little more balancing of the pickups between each other and between the individual strings. I keep a few tools in my guitar cases so I was adjusting the pole pieces between sets! I might still disassemble it and rebuff it in a week or two as I rushed the assembly time a little on the nitro. Not a big deal. Annoyingly, I was comparing the neck to my tennessean (my litmus test of a great playing and feeling guitar) with a pair of calipers. At the first fret it's pretty well the same as the Tennessean but then it proceeded to get about 2 mils thicker over the next few frets and then roughly stay that way down the neck! You can actually see it from the side. Another example of 60s Gretsch quality control! I should've checked that before paint as I probably would've evened it out. Still it plays well and once enough time passes that I forget what a PIA it was to finish I can redo the neck and give the back of it a sand.. I might (gasp) try dropping down to 11-49s on it to see how they feel on a long scale. Rounded up in mm 1st fret (including fret and .032 D string) - 23.5 2nd - 24 3rd - 24.4 4th - 24.9 5th - 25.2 6th - 25.4 7th - 25.6 8th - 25.6 9th - 25.7


Su'weet ride, Toxophilite!


Thanks! Of course now the guitar is complete and playable I have to start monkeying with it! I'm looking at the bridge pickup The center of the low E pole is 1/78" from the bridge saddle On my Tennessean it's 1 3/8' Only 1/2" difference. But sonically significant. If one wanted to and one wasn't using the classic plus bridge pickup but something with a lower casing (like a designated filtertron neck pickup case or a hilotron one could move the bridge pickup 1/4" closer to the bridge, still not have any of the surround holes showing ,not have to carve out the pickup cavity and not impair the string mute( which I like..though I might be the only one) hmmmm


Aiiiieee!!! Abomination!! Will this get me kicked out of the Country... Club? I did think of putting gold HS filter covers on them

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