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Hey guys... I know this might seem like a frustrating tease, but since US magazines don't typically accommodate longer article submissions, I decided to take my History of the Jet Soldibody piece abroad. The french magazine Vintage Guitare has published the article, at least Part 1 of it, in their latest issue. Sorry that there's no english translation, but trust me it's great! ;-)


Why are you holding a tele?:D

Seriously, Congratulations! It was great meeting you last month.


very cool! did you write it in French,or did the magazine do the translation?

About a lifetime ago, my French was better than my English but i can still get by, so if its online and you know a link, I'd be happy to read it. I guess hard copies arent available in the States, but it would be a cool magazine to sift through..


This is only their 4th issue, and they are hungry for content. I sent them a 6000 word draft, that I assumed we would need to trim down. They called my bluff and decided to keep it all, and run it in 2 parts, in consecutive issues. The article was submitted in English and they did the translation. So I'm not really sure if they changed much or not. If it gets a good review then I'll say it's exactly as I wrote it, and if it gets panned, I'll blame it on the translation!


I'll be in France next week and will be sure to pick up a copy!


Great that it got published, Ed. I'll see if I can find a copy here but that doesn't seem likely....



I would love to read this article of yours.

Where can I get it here in London?



Thats really great Ed,but my French is non existent!

Drew... only available in France, although I've heard there is an on-line way to order it. Sadly, there is not an English version.

You may ask why do an article that's not widely distributed and not available in English? Simple answer is because they allowed me to do a complete concept. It gave me the excuse to compile the data, be as detailed as I wanted, and acquire supporting photography. Now that it's done, I'm hoping parts of it can be used in other, more accessible (and English) ways.

I'm also hoping to promote the 6120 book, as there is a review of it in the same issue. My publisher doesn't really market the book in Europe, so running this article will perhaps begin to get the word out.


Have you ever tried to get it published in Japan Ed? I'm sure they would have no problem allowing you to do a complete concept also,they love the details!

And i'm sure they love your book too. :)


JCH... I agree, big Gretsch market in Japan. I really don't have any contacts to periodicals there however, so it remains a frontier to be conquered! :)

I got an issue on Saturday. It was possible to order it through the internet. The address is :
Hello, Nice article KceddieB ! I'm from France, i bought every number of "vintage guitare", i've also got your 6120 book. I was really pleased to find an article from you in this magazine. It's quite hard to find, even here in France !

Hello Ed, it is possible to publish the original article ( text ) here in GDP ? ( I can´t read french. )

I found it at news stands near the metro stations in Paris, both in Pigalle and Bastille.

riz wrote:

I found it at news stands near the metro stations in Paris, both in Pigalle and Bastille.

cool -- i have a friend who's over there now as well, i'll see if he can get me a copy. but then what to do re part 2 :(

I have connections.:-D

Okay, got it ! Really nice, and thanks a lot for the effort !

The translation is really good, a typo or two but concerning french language and not the technical part. Nice pics as well !

It is a bit difficult to find, in fact I bought #1 and thought they went belly up since I didn't see anymore. Apparently they went on. Bought the only copy at my newsstand, so sorry but might not be able to buy one for each and everyone...


The pix are good in Part 1, but it's dominated by Duo Jet 6128 content, so it's a bit monochromatic. I just sent off the images for Part 2, and they are amazing! I'm always disappointed to see how small they end up in the final article, since I know how great the photography is at the beginning. A couple of GDPers contributed some sweet photo content to this effort, but a special "thanks" to Ralf for the high quality images of his high quality vintage Jet collection!

The Part 1 article was 8 pages... I can't wait to see how long part 2 ends up to be. Great to have the latitude to cover the complete topic. I'd never get that in the more recognized US publications!

Ahhhh... if it were only in English!


Perhaps they would let you post your original english version someplace? that would be a service to us all!


Been thinking about that... but the photo usage rights get ticklish there. :|


Assuming your contract allows for republication (which is a big assumption) then perhaps the people here can take the same sorts of photos of their own jets.

Plus if the photos were originally taken by people like Ralf, then he is the copyright holder and so it would be he that would need to be restricted by an agreement with the publisher in terms of future use of the photos.

Legal issues aside of course, the commercial one of not wanting to be seen as undermining your publisher even if you can do so legally needs to be taken into account too.


There's only the shakiest of connections between US copyright and foreign copyright. I don't think you have anything to worry about, but it's worth researching.

I found a copy in Pont-Audemer in Normandy, a town of 14,000. I read the whole article and thought it came across well in French.

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