Vintage Gretsch Guitars



For some reason I am totally eaten up with old doublenecks... I know it has been discussed here, but again what is this Gretsch doubleneck in this vid

Bikini double neck?

Maple board, Hi Lo Trons? DANG

Sign me up -- I don't care how junky they are.


Read up a little bit... not thought of as great players, but are batting high in the quirk/weirdo leagues. Close to pulling the trigger on dealer priced Dano 6/4, so thought I would get the scoop on these also.


It is a Bikini. They were (and are) generally regarded as a low point in Gretsch history. There is an article in the April 2012 edition of "Premier Guitar" that pretty well sums up the best aspect of the Bikini is that it was (and is) weird.

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