Vintage Gretsch Guitars

dig this righteous Broadkaster


I thought you meant this one. Maybe the second toggle was a tone switch with a master/neck volume and a separate bridge volume? I checked the '75 catalog but there is a double listing for the hollowbody versions instead of the solid and bass versions. Anyone played one of these? I dunno why but I'm actually beginning to like the looks of the TK and pickguards of the '70's Gretsches.


There were I think concurrent solid and hollow Broadkasters in 75 thru maybe 78.... have heard the hollowbodies are actually pretty good when set up. What were they thinking with that string anchor? There was also a bass version of the solid Broadkaster.

If I can get a clean solidbody one for under a K, I'm in.


What are those pickups? Half a SuperTron? Like the HiLoTron was kinda half a FilterTron?


Saw those tiny pix. Still a Bigsb\y on that solidbody model could be a beautiful thing.


Saw PJ Harvey a few years ago rockin' one of the DiMarzio ones; total distortion monster.

Dang link isn't working. Do a google image search and you'll see it. And her.


So you are saying late era Broadkasters had Di Marzios... well stands to reason as BST did. TK-300 buckers were Japanese (I heard)

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