Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Didn’t know they played a Gretsch…


Hank Garland's Club looks a lot like Bo's...


Can't remember if this one's been done (what an awesome thread), but good enough to risk a repost


That's Prince's guitarist Andy Allo's White Penguin he's playing


Chris Cornell is on the list already I think... as he was known to play a pre-FMIC Silver Jet, and maybe some others. But what I didn't know was that he apparently had a 2-tone 50s Clipper as well!


I knew he played -- but had never seen footage of -- Conway Twitty playing "It's Only Make Believe" on his '57 6130 Round Up. It's covered by a cool leather job as seen in detail on page 108 of your friendly neighborhood Gretsch Decoder Ring. Seems to have the original pickguard too instead of the gold one on it now.

Another pic of the Round-Up.

Here's a cool shot of Conway and his '57 Round Up -- and his lead guitarist has what could be the last batch 6130 '57 Filtertron Round-Up (or Chet Jet with gold guard?) -- with hump-block markers!!!

One more shot: lead guitarist identified as Joe Lewis, at the Flamingo Lounge in Hamilton, Ontario 1958. Matching cowboy cases behind them. I think a Chet Jet as I'm pretty sure I see a Bigsby.


Wow, those are two seriously oddball Gretsches, especially the humpblock FilterTron 6121. What are the odds they'd end on the same stage?


Okay my last one WAS a repost, shame on me! But I think this might not be...


Scott Ian... from Anthrax with a Malcom sig model!


I just went back scoured this entire thread to be sure I wasn't duplicating here... but how in the hell have we missed Mike Campbell?


Another of Campbell with his vintage Falcon...


An early photo with his beat-to-crap Clipper (later refinished silver).


Roy's in here somewhere already, but this pic is awesome.


Roy's in here somewhere already, but this pic is awesome.

– spike

Fantastic photo! Looks like he's playing a '55-ish Corsair like this one. It needs a caption, tho: "I'm gaga for Gretsches and cukoo for Corsairs" or somesuch.

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