Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Didn’t know they played a Gretsch…


Pretty cool.


Annie Lennox! (although I'm sure she just borrowed Dave's)


That does look like Dave's guitar. It was auctioned off several years ago for charity, as I recall.


A young Dave with another Gretsch.


Roy Lee Johnson composer of "Mr. Moonlight" (pictured here with Dr. Feelgood/Piano Red and The Interns, with Beverly "Guitar" Watkins)


I remember going into Axe Factory, a guitar store in Philadelphia, sometime in the 80s and seeing a Country Club and being told it belonged to the guitar player from Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes.

If memory serves, it was a 50's Caddy Green CC, and it was a looker.


Killer photo, no idea who this is, but what is this two tome dyna with humblocck guitar?


Chris Spedding has obvs been mentioned upthread, but here is some terrific early live footage with a 6120.

– spike

I think that's a 70s blonde club with no pickguard. Seems to have blacktops, the funny body shape and a G tailpiece. Still cool!


Killer photo, no idea who this is, but what is this two tome dyna with humblocck guitar?

– spike

Fantastic photo. That's a two-tone Club. Hank Garland had one. I'm not sure what colors were used as the photo was also b&w. What's with the fire extinguisher?


If memory serves, I recall a gray and something 50's two tone club that popped up a while back, now that you mention it.


There is an amazing '57/8 two-tone grey/blue Constellation in London that probably has something like this one.


These pop up now and then. Texarock had one. And I believe they are the same color scheme as that Constellation.

Are you sure about Hank Garland having one of these? I know he had a two tone Gent, but did he also have a Club?


Grady Martin had the two tone Gent. Here’s the Constellation.


Pretty sure about Hank Garland; there's a pic in the Jay Scott book, leaning against a fire hydrant. I'll have to check later.


It's been so long since I've seen one, I don't remember if that was what the Clubs were, or if they were lotus ivory and gray like the '50s Corvettes (which I think is not quite the same thing)...

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