Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Didn’t know they played a Gretsch…


Dr John

– spike

Too cool, you win!


Rusty Draper @20:00 with a coool green56 Country Club - looks black in the footage, and loads of other great stuff

– spike

Check out the little bit of hot guitar Rusty plays at the 19:00 mark. Usually see him with a Streaminer. That Club looks thicker than 2.75" to me.


Jimmy Buffet has been playing a Country Gentleman lately.


That'd be cool if it were blue. I'm more worried he'll drop that guitar when he moves his left hand. Might conk the adoring lady in the head.


Rusty's Club looks blueish black, but I think it's a cadillac green example suffering from early color photography.


1980s Los Angeles band Lions & Ghosts. I wonder what happened to them? I like their mix of jangly pop with guitar rock.

With a Jet -

With a 6120 -


This is Warren Miller, known to rockabillies by his "Everybody's Got A Date But Me" 45 on United Artists from 1959.

He's pictured here with a Duo Jet or a Firebird. Dynasonics, block markers and pickguard indicate a 55 or 56 vintage.


Extra cool - John Mayall (with Tbone)


The Glaser Brothers - Chuck, Tompall & Jim. Chuck holds a Sunburst 54 or 55 Country Club. Jim has his B16 equipped Blackguard Telecaster


Lol, I just saw that pic and was coming to post it here. Great minds etc.

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