Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Didn’t know they played a Gretsch…


BF? When? What recording?

A Dyna Jet is perfect for his tone and style. That's a match made in heaven right there.


Don't know. Just found this pic on his Facebook page.


We'll make Deed find out.


Here is a link with another pic by the same photographer of Frisell playing the jet. It looks like it is from a live date in Italy 2015.


Probably a 6128T-SP; great guitar.


Annie on the right... and '59/60 Chet 6121 on the left. Sweet!


Nice colour pic of Johnny Cash on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. I think this is Paul Yandell on the right in the background with his 6120, with what looks like a PA Bisgby neck pickup.


The B-52's from 1990 playing a Double Anniversary.


Brian Jones

The Rolling Stones' bête noire had one of the coolest guitar collections of the era, but before the Vox Teardrops and Gibson Firebirds, Jones used a 1963 Gretsch 6118 Double Anniversary live and in the studio from late 1963 to mid '64.

In this brief but iconic period, the guitar featured on the classic Stones recordings of I Wanna Be Your Man - that slide part on the first beat of the bar - and It's All Over Now, and early UK television performances including Thank Your Lucky Stars.


Knew he used a solid body but never saw this before.....



Petty with a Silver Falcon in London last summer.


Waaaay before the Wilbury project, Robert Zimmerman strumming a Rancher.


Still from a 1961 Ira & Charlie Louvin video. Jimmy Capps playing a Country Gent, equipped with a PA Bigsby neck pickup.


Tom Doyle, long-time guitar tech for Les Paul, pictured here with an Anniversary.


And here with a double-cut White Falcon


And finally with the Chet Atkins' "Dark Eyes" prototype 6120


Knew he used a solid body but never saw this before.....


– spike

I know Chuck was a big Hi-Fi/Stereo guy. This fits right in with his enthusiast intrigue.


BTW, nice to see a WF without the mute bullshit in it. I'm guessing late 61 or very early62


It does have the mutes. Dial-up.


It does have the mutes. Dial-up.

– Afire

Are my eyes that bad? That looks like a single "flip up" mute lever.

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