Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Didn’t know they played a Gretsch…


BF? When? What recording?

A Dyna Jet is perfect for his tone and style. That's a match made in heaven right there.


Don't know. Just found this pic on his Facebook page.


We'll make Deed find out.


Here is a link with another pic by the same photographer of Frisell playing the jet. It looks like it is from a live date in Italy 2015.


Probably a 6128T-SP; great guitar.


Annie on the right... and '59/60 Chet 6121 on the left. Sweet!


Nice colour pic of Johnny Cash on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. I think this is Paul Yandell on the right in the background with his 6120, with what looks like a PA Bisgby neck pickup.

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