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Dearmond pickup spacers


Hello gentlemen!

The old pickup spacers on my '55 Duojet have stated to rot. Thanks God I saw it in time!!

Is Paul Setzer still active?? I'd need replacements ASAP I'm afraid...

Any idea to keep momentary going is welcome!!!




Paul will make you some fancy ones or you can get these from TV Jones. Laser cut out of compression foam, these make it easy to adjust height and help the pickup conform to an arch top guitar


I need some too and have tried emailing Paul a couple of times. The TV Jones ones are a great temporary solution, but they are somewhat inelegant. Paul, if you see this, please contact me! Thanks!


Thanks for the TV Jones tip. I'll get me some, But I hope Paul receives our messages!!


I’ll try to get a batch made up soon!


Hey Paul, let me add to the pile and say that I may need a pair as well.


If you want to pay a lot and take longer than Setzer, these guys are an option: http://www.mirabellaguitars... They do very fine work and were helpful to me before Setzer was doing this stuff. I can't think of why I'd use them again unless Paul was on hiatus, but might as well mention them for posterity in case somebody has a DeArmond riser emergency that Paul can't attend to.


I got my 55 Duojet spacers from Setzer , they are worth the wait!


Paul, if you are making a batch of spacers - I'm in for at least one set, maybe two. Thanks


Paul. Two for me (assuming they fit DA2000’s).


Just checked the guitar in question— looks like I’m not going to need them after all.


I still need a set Paul! Please reach out when you make more!


I got a set from Paul, too, and they're great.


I should probably get In on this too - preventive measure.


Paul emailed me and said he would be working on them soon.


Mine are crumbling, too. Please count me in, too, Paul!!

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