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Dearmond Dynasonic magnet question


Hey all!

Tell me please somebody how to fix loose Dynasonic magnets? I just bought two NOS (mid 60's) Dearmonds and one pickup has 3 loose magnets.
I tought first magnets should be soldered against brass holder but other fixed magnets seems not soldered?


I think the brass rings are just tension fit or perhaps crimped onto the magnet. I am looking at a vintage one but cannot see any sign of solder. If you are adept with tools then perhaps a gentle squeeze of the rings in question with the magnet in the right position. A spot of thicker crazy glue or a small dab of epoxy would probably do the trick too.

Have you talked to the seller regarding this?


Thanks much for respond! Yes, squeeze or glue would be choice.... No point talk to seller I think, that old NOS stuff may needs attention anyway and pickup sounded great, I tested it


This is the bottom of a Dyna that is in a '61 Guild SF III. The guitar must have been dropped in shipping and one of the magnets and retainers was out of the bobbin. The retainer for the low E (on the left in the pic) is actually cracked but everything went together well. It seems like there may be the slightest bit of a taper on the magnet to hold it into the ring.

Be careful trying to crimp or squeeze the retainer because brass is a soft metal.


Yeah if it were mine, I'd just use a drop of glue. No harm done, problem solved and reversible. Ignore my squeezing advice!


I’ve secured them before using a 1/4” external retaining ring, positioned around the magnet and against (under) the loose brass ring. Glue may not hold as you're adjusting the magnet height some point in the future. These hold without problem. Note: they are easy to get on with retainer ring pliers, difficult without them.


Thanks! I'll try retainer rings, did you put them between spring and brass holder or under brass holder (under pickup) ? And squeeze not worked at all l tried


You just need one for each magnet, positioned between the brass ring and the spring. (The retainer ring will allow you to raise the magnet with the adjusting screw, compressing the spring – you don't need one on the other side of the ring, since the spring will push it down - if that makes sense.) I didn't have retainer ring pliers when I did this and it was more-than-difficult to get it on the magnet. With the pliers it should take seconds.

(Edit: Re-worded this post a bit to clarify the retaining ring's placement, as per Nitrotron's post below.)


Here is pic, retaining ring is great, it must be placed between spring and holder, then it works otherwise magnet falls into guitar cavity


When the pickup is upside down, I should be more clear about what's considered "under" and what's "on top." I'll edit my post to clear that up. Meanwhile, glad it worked.

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